Student Testing Programs

The Centralia School District Assessment System provides important information to help students, parents, and educators make teaching and learning decisions. Individual student goal setting and program involvement initiatives are enhanced through the use of assessment data to inform these processes.

The district uses a variety of assessments to measure academic growth and achievement and complies with all state and national testing requirements.

Smarter Balanced Assessment

Beginning in the 2014-15 school year, all students in grades 3-8, and 11 will take the new Smarter Balanced Assessment in English Language Arts and Math. The Smarter Balanced assessment is a computer-based test that assesses what students know and are able to do.   Unlike the MSP, it is designed to align with the Common Core State Standards.  You can find more information about Smarter Balanced from OSPI: and from the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium:


Measurements of Student Progress (MSP)

The name of the MSP, given to students in grades 3-8, conveys the goal of the test:  to measure student progress. In 2014-15, the only MSP given will be the Science MSP, administered at 5th and 8th grade.



High School Proficiency Exam (HSPE)
This assessment measures the proficiency of 9th and 10th grade students in Reading and Writing. Students must pass these assessments or a state-approved alternative in reading and writing in order to be eligible to graduate. More graduation information can be found on OSPI:



High School End of Course (EOC) Assessments

In order to graduate, students must pass one End of Course (EOC) test in Algebra or Geometry.  They must also pass an EOC in Biology.



The Washington English Language Proficiency Test (WELPA)

This assessment measures English language competencies for student who receive second language learning services funded by the state. This test measures reading, writing, speaking, and listening performance in grades 2-12.

2nd Grade Reading

At 2nd grade all students are tested in the Fall and Spring using a State reading assessment which measures fluency and comprehension skills.

Highly Capable

Also each Fall, 3rd graders will have the opportunity to take a cognitive skills assessment exam that is used for initial screening for the 3-8 gifted programs (APEX and Humanities). This assessment is part of a gifted program screening process. Please see the "Special Programs" section of this website for further details.

Detailed assessment data will be reported annually through the schools, district performance reports, our student-parent-teacher conferences held throughout the year, and the OSPI website: