Excused Absence

The following are valid excuses for absences and tardiness.

Participation in school-approved activity            Illness, Health Condition, Medical Appointment
Family Emergency                                                        Religious Purposes
Court/Judicial Proceedings                              Pre-arranged Absences
Assignments and/or activities not completed because of an excused absence or tardiness may be made up in the manner provided by the teacher.  It is the students responsibility to check with teachers 

Verification of an absence requires:

  • The date of absence(s)
  • The reason for absence(s)
  • A note from a parent/guardian explaining the absence and signed by the responsible adult


Pre-arranged absence: All pre-arranged absences must have the approval of the student’s teachers and building administration.  The absence must be cleared by the attendance office three days prior to the absence.


Failure to verify absence(s) within the three-day limit will result in the absence(s) being classified as unexcused.