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See Mr. Parker for questions: 360-827-6309, or Jparker@centralia.wednet.edu
Flyer for 2016-17:
Page 1: Flyer for CHS TSE:Flyer
Page 2: Registering online for Traffic Safety (this is the only option, no payments taken at CHS):Screen Shots ESD113 TSE 4-2016
Page 3: How to apply for a driving permit at DOL:Screen Shots DOL Apply 2016
Page 4: Installment payment form (in order to make 2 payments):ESD Contract 10-2015

We are affiliated with ESD 113 regional traffic safety and hold classes at CHS two to three times a year.


Texting and driving is a serious driving danger for teens. 


Please take a few moments to view this powerful AT&T Texting and Driving Video: http://youtu.be/Qkb7MCQOEWQ   


Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson congratulates high school students on no texting and driving commitment:




SAVE A LIFE. . . . Please sign and commit to no texting while driving!


No Phone Zone Form: No Phone Zone

Check out this DOL Blog: Traffic Safety Info directly from the Dept. of Licensing: http://licensingexpress.wordpress.com/2015/02/03/new-program-to-help-parents-teach-and-teenagers-learn-safe-driving-habits/ 



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